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Sunday, April 24, 2011


The SALOME HIGHWAY runs from the town of SALOME, ARIZONA South and East to PHOENIX, ARIZONA. For many years before the Interstates, Salome Highway was the main route between the two. From Salome, Arizona, US 60 headed West to Los Angeles area.

Today, Salome Highway is a little used but well maintained highway. Many local residents clean up 1 or 2 mile stretches on a regular basis - a practice throughout the USA. This stretch of roadway is maintained by the Vollmer Family.

This photograph is taken from a bit South of SALOME. Those distant mountains are about 10 miles away. Beginning at 6:00 am, I walked to and beyond those mountains...and back to SPIA.

Along the way, these Leaf Cactus (not their real name, which I do not know), adorned the property of the pleasant home in the background.

Each of these Cactus have a different configuration...some elegant...some not so pretty.

A local mining business of the late 1800s, which failed and is now the site of two nice homes which cultivate Alfalfa and raise horses.

They have their own irrigation from deep water wells and small concrete lined canals, shared by a few neighbors.

A rather ambitious cactus.

Flash Floods are common-place in the desert. Rain storms many miles away in the mountains sweep walls of water down the many ravines and "washes". Where they cross roadways, the road "dips" to conform to the "wash". Signs repeatedly warn drivers not to drive into any flooded roadways...some can be VERY deep and swiftly flowing water.

Some places of Salome Highway are curvie, not to conform to the land, but to go around farmers fields...essentially following old section lines.

This is the desert looking from Salome Highway West toward the mountains of California. This particular desert area is nearly void of any vegetation. I saw a "Road Runner" and a "Coyote" this afternoon during my second walk.

This rather large aquaduct must come from the Colorado River. California is apparently not the only one taking Colorado River Water. Those pointed "fin" like black things are hundreds of Sparrows who live under the canal bridge. They come out in a big cloud of birds to catch the insects that always live along canals, lakes and rivers.

SPIA is pondering which way to go. I was told by Art, a local retired truck driver to stay on Salome Highway...even though it became dirt and gravel (lots of washboard jarring bumps )...Salome Highway is the right hand option...heading South toward Mexico. I decided to ignore Art and took the left option...and earned another 7 miles of bone-jarring washboard road.

Upon arriving in TENOPAH, ARIZONA, I learned that Salome Highway continued South only a short distance, turned East, and became a very good macadam roadway which was much shorter that the option I took.

Local knowledge should always be listened to.

DAILY REPORT: Walked 38 miles today...not a snake did I see.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 38 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.76 for the day.

In the morning, will walk South to connect again with the Salome Highway, which turns into old US 80 and goes directly into PHOENIX, about 60 miles East of TENOPAH, where we are spending the night.

I am feeling a bit "defeated" this evening. I try so very hard to keep a positive outlook on all things, but at some moments....

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