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Friday, April 1, 2011


In the middle of my day, the heat was becoming a bit bothersome. I was walking 4 miles from SPIA to the town of LATON, CALIFORNIA. A white car went by, slowed, stopped...I ran towards it...and then it took off again. I chuckled to myself...someone playing with me. To my surprise, the same car came from the other direction - it had turned around and came back for me -. Toni and her Boy Friend (sorry, but I simply cannot bring your name out of my head) squeezed me into the back seat with a most beautiful HUSKY...who was my instant friend...he laid on my lap and stuck his nose up to catch the fresh wind coming in the open window. Thanks, guys...saved me a half hour walk in the stifling heat. Many ranches sport really stunning homes near RIVERDALE, CALIFORNIA.
And, another one.

A young man with an appealing fruit stand. I purchased a bag of oranges @ $6.00.

This area was settled in the mid 1850's. Lots of old structures can be found...I should photograph more of them...OK, I will...

Alpacas can be found everywhere these days.

Since mid Oregon State, I have been looking for a "Horizontal" feet 7 Gallon Propane Tank.

FINALLY: Randy, Cheryl and Morph came up with one today. They had it delivered from FRESNO, CALIFORNIA and installed it into SPIA.

Thanks, I have the proper equipment and can relax from the fears of being gassed in my sleep.


There is a Rodeo in LAYTON tomorrow. I am tempted to spend another day and attend.

We shall see how I feel in the morning.

Lots of grooming activity in the fields today. This fellow has just lined up his Disc and is about to make a run down the rows preparatory to planting.

This is the same field, but a different tractor.

One thing about the San Joaquin Valley Farms. They are - nearly all - perfect and many have already started sprouting plants. A real pleasure to look at.

This pic got out of is the same as the one lining up he is completing his turn from the previous run up the rows getting set to line up for discing the next row set.

I stopped in at the COWBOY CAFE for my first Ham, Eggs, Hash Browns and Toast for many days.

Lori cooked up a Cowboy-size plate as good as any, served by Hubby Brent, while friends Randy and Kelly were enjoying their meal.

Brent is on the left. Lori is next to Brent.

On my return walk from LATON, I again stopped in and was treated to two (2) MUG-size ice water...filtered, according to Brent, five times to get the awful local-water taste out of it.

Brent's purified / filtered water was just super.

Lori, ME & Brent. I know I look a bit is HOT and I just walked 6 miles...but is worth the effort.

An Orange Tree loaded with oranges. Sure would have liked to have one.

The usual San Joaquin Valley Orchard of Perfection.

There must be a new hair stylist living in that home. The Palm looks GREAT.

The Catholic Church in RIVERDALE, CALIFORNIA.



The first Oinker I have seen in the Valley.

Took this pic to show the school-kids shed while awaiting the School Bus.

There are many Dairy Farms around RIVERDALE, CALIFORNIA. This is the accepted method of storage of Alfalfa (Feed Hay) for the Milk Cows. Those black rings are car tires.

A stunningly beautiful tree. Such trees always get remembered in my camera.

Encountered my first Oil Wells today. That Rocker Arm in the background is sucking oil from the ground. It is then stored in the tanks in the foreground. BLACK GOLD, some call Oil.

DAILY REPORT: Received four rides today. Walked 22 miles...count 18 miles

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 18 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.36 for the day.

WOW, is it eves HOT.

In the morning, I might hang around for LAYTON's festival...or, start walking South on Highway 43 towards BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA.

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Justin said...

Actually there not storing alfalfa that is actually called silige a mix of different feed that we feed to the cows. I could consist of corn, barley, ect what ever the daryman feels like feeding usually whatevers cheapest