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Monday, April 11, 2011


If you do not already know gets very hot during the day and very cold during the night out here in the Desert. Woke up to another mostly clear day. A few clouds in the South, but no chance of rain. This tree stood in front of SPIA's doorway as I was leaving for my first walk of the day. Walked West on Business Hwy 58 for 30 minutes (2 miles) and East for 1 hour (4 miles) and returned to rides. This is Business Hwy 58 as seen going through BORON, CALIFORNIA.

Old BORON is about 3 miles West of present day BORON. There are a lot of old pieces of mining machinery, a nice City Park with a Theatre, and a Museum - which was closed.

This is an Open Pit Mine Dump Truck. Giant "Shovels" su;ch as P & H fill this gigantic truck with one scoop. The tires are about 7 feet tall. It is one big Truck.

This is BORON Avenue, looking North towards the Borax Open Pit Mine...the economic reason for BORON...which could be correctly called a "Company Town".

This Mural is a depiction of Borax Logo...The Twenty Mule Team. When I was a kid, we always washed up with Borax. Ivory was the other soap we used...reserved for taking a bath.

The Town Theatre in the City Park / Museum of BORON, CALIFORNIA.

This is a VERY old Caterpillar Tractor...on display behind the fence of the closed museum.

The ANVIL. A most important tool in the early West. Nearly all metal objects were manufactured by the local Blacksmith (or "Smithie"). To pound out the shape of metal objects, the Smithie used a metal hammer to beat the pre-heated metal into shape using the ANVIL as the "table" to pound upon.

Stopped for a quick breakfast...was excellent and only $6.00.

Being close to Edwards Air Force Base, small local towns have "retired" modern jet aircraft on display. This aircraft was the main Jet used by the USA in the war in Viet Nam.

These ant hills (nests) line every roadway.

I chose to photograph this one for it's nearly circular shape and hundreds of tiny ants working to create their piece of art.

I uploaded this ant hill as an example of the manner of Death for a number of Army Scouts unfortunate enough to be captured by the Indians leading up to the Battle Of The Little Big Horn. When caught, the Army Scouts were tied to four stakes pounded into the ground and left
lying on top of such an ant way to stop the little critters from crawling into his mouth, his nose, his eyes...a very cruel way to die.

As with many other historic places, I visited the Battleground of the Little Big Horn...and contemplated the many residents of the U.S. Military Cemetary located there.

At 4 Corners - the Intersection of Highway 58 and Highway 395, is found this large farm. Not your ordinary farm. It is inhabitated by acre after acre of Solar Panels creating electricity.

It has been in operation for over 25 years. I asked permission to visit, but was denied. I did learn that more such Solar Farms are being built by the same Company, headquartered in Florida.

Highway 58 is being upgraded by adding wide "berms". Present Highway 58 between BORON and 4 Corners will soon become an extension to the Business 58 which I walked yesterday and this morning.

A new I-58 is being built to replace the current Highway 58.

Decided to uncover SAM. With so much Sun, why not let SAM charge her batteries while still loaded on SPIA's platform.

Soon to be the new Business Hwy 58. A rare moment without traffic.

This is Highway 395 from a hill 8 miles South of 4 Corners. I walked up that hill and back.

As a large loaded truck went by me, a gigantic explosion occurred, sending smoke, dust, and rubber tire pieces all around me. A tire exploded...not 20 feet from me as the truck roared by.

This is what an exploded tire looks like.

A few years ago driving I-70 into Indianapolis, Indiana, I was passing an 18-wheeler when it also had a tire explosion. A large piece of the rubber tire flew into the air, hit my radio antenna and slammed into my windshield, shattering the Passenger Side.

Please say HI to Kevin, the driver of the truck with the exploded tire. As I walked the roadway to catch up with Kevin, I threw large pieces of shattered rubber tire off the roadway.

Keven had a load of Carrots...just an unlucky instance that his tire blew. Driving with a heavy load on a hot day will cause the air inside to expand - just like in a balloon -, and the tires sometimes simply POP...just like a balloon.

A good idea to let a bit of air out of tires if driving fast on hot days.

The view into the MOJAVE DESERT from the Hill where Keven lost his tire.

Walked up and down this hill before continuing South on Hwy 395.

Yesterday, the flowers were Yellow. Today the same flowers are Violet.

The last mile into 4 Corners, Frank stopped his big 18-wheeler to see if I was OK...and yes, I did accept Frank's offer of a ride in his big rig...reminded me of the escapades of Brother Jim and Me so many years ago.

Thank you, Frank...and hope your back gets better.

This was a particularly beautiful tree...and I like trees (and cows) and pretty ladies.

Highway 375 looking South. Seems there is no end to this road.

This I walked to about the center of this photograph about where it makes the jog to the left in the far distance.

SPIA is parked in a flat spot a bit off the highway. The wind is picking up. The sun has gone down and it is getting cold...must shut SPIA's door. Already put SAM to bed.


and Another View of the MOJAVE DESERT.

And Another.. all above from SPIA's parking spot.

Lucky to spend the night in such a beautiful spot...a spot which few get to experience.

Put my shadow in this pic...just to show that I really was there.

DAILY REPORT: Received two rides today. Walked 36 miles today...Credit 22 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPOACT.ORG: Credit 22 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.44 for the day.

In the morning, will continue Southing on Hwy 395.


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Hi Bruce,

Have you seen any desert turtles yet?

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Maybe you will want to get a twitter icon to your website. I just marked down the url, although I had to do it manually. Just my $.02 :)