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Saturday, April 2, 2011


SPIA, SAM & ME spent the night under the arms of an Orchard tree. At daylight, caught a ride 6 miles South on Hwy 43 and walked back to SPIA. While changing into dry clothes for the LAATON, CALIFORNIA Rodeo, a California Highway Patrol stopped by asking if we were OK. We were OK. Nice they are checking up on tourists parked beside the roadways. Drove to LATON and walked to the Parade Route. It was 10:30, and the Parade began at 10:00am, so I missed most of it. The above photograph is INSIDE the Fair Grounds. There were three such BBQ going, all filled with delicious looking - and smelling - lunch about ready to eat. Concessions opened at 11:00am. Tickets were sold for $1.00 each. Everything inside the Fair Grounds were sold by exchanging tickets; i.e., my Pulled Pork Sandwich cost 5 tickets; my beer cost 3 tickets (I gave my two leftover tickets to a Policeman who was overseeing the sale of beer A look at the Concessions in backdroop to another of the BBQ.
Missed much of the parade, but did arrive in time for this gorgeous horse.

This young fellow had his horse dancing and prancing and spinning the entire time. They must have worked together for many hours. A VERY beautiful animal (the horse).

Worth a second look.

I believe this horse is a Palamino. There was an entire troop of these exceptional animals, all dressed out in identical blankets and looking like they did this every day. Wonderful.

Mom and Dad agreed their Twins could appear on our Blog...notice Pink & Blue blankets.

I sure wanted to purchase one of these hats. They are made in Mexico. Alas, $$ to be conserved for necessaries. Maybe another day !

Jim, Gill, and Son Steve.

Jim is responsible - so says Gill - for the wireless signal for our Cell Phones. If it don't work, it's Jim's fault.

Family Sybil (in blue), Gill (in red), and Steve (the tall dude) and friends.

We shared some beer and conversation. Steve is from TACOMA, WASHINGTON

GILL won Second Place with his Tin Lizzy in the Parade. Way to go, Gill.

The Old and the New way to get around.

An ornate for Antionette. He was offering free rides.

This machine was cutting three grooves into the top of the plowed preparation of planting seeds. There were two tractors working this field. The really move FAST...would guess about 15 miles per hour.

One of the many unique decorations folks in the San Joaquin Valley have around their homes.

Yes, it is a Mail Box.

The first Lemon Tree I have seen in the Valley.
I grant First Prize to this field. It is actually a field of NEW Wine Grape Plants. In between the rows of Grape Vines, this farmer has planted Winter Wheat, which is about ready for harvest.

In upper California, such as NAPA and MENDOCINO Valleys, I have seen Mustard Plants in between the dormant Grape Vines.

I included this photograph just to see if one could find the MIRAGE.

You sure click. Looks like the road is covered with WATER. The very thing that makes folks in the Desert go mad chasing the water, which isn't there...only a Mirage.

ROSEMARY, JESSE, KEIRA, PERLA, AND BLACE, who turned around after passing me by on Highway 43 walking near CORCORAN, CALIFORNIA, their home (and where SPIA, SAM & ME are parked for the night - which, by the way is now 2:45 am).

Thank you, all. Especially Keira, Perla, and Blace, who had to squeeze together to make room for this Ol' Man.

Even got a Toot Toot later in my walk as Rosemary drove past me again on their way back home.

And, finally: This ol' Girl is the only Milk Cow with any sense. While hundreds of cows swelter in the Sun, this intelligent lady is staying cool in a watery-mud bath.

When I chatted with her, I swear she smiled.

DAILY REPORT: Made three walking legs today...received rides for all three. 18 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 18 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.36 for the day.

In the morning - about 2 hours from now, will walk back North on Hwy 43 for 8 miles or so...then continue South until I get tired.

Have a potential problem. The area I was directed to park by the City Poiliceman is a vacant lot North of the Santa Fe Railroad Station. I have done so. During the night, I was surprised when I walked barefoot to the toilet ... only to step on needles into the bottom of my feet...turns out to be "burrs" from the sandy soil.

I just hope SPIA's tires do not go flat because of those needles.

Again proof that things are best done by one-self.

Oh, by the way. I forgot to write that while in the town of SAN JOAQUIN, CALIFORNIA, someone threw a water-balloon at SPIA. It hit the large window and completely shattered the glass. I have taped it up for later repair...but I am disappointed that someone would damage SPIA and cost me precious $$.

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