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Friday, April 15, 2011


ooOPS...I have uploaded all the photographs in "reverse" order. Am out in the Tullies, so NO electricity to p=re-post them... This is Old Woman Springs Road (a.k.a. Hwy 247). We are still very much in the Mojave Desert and will be for a number of days more. This particular stretch of road is in Johnsons Valley...a wilderness "valley" with homes scattered about. It was VERY hot today...not a cloud to be seen..and NO rides (except a 4-mile ride from Rich and his Wife, Terri...thank you very much. Had to walk the pic stretch in 4 legs of 4 miles each...doubled. nearly took my measure today !!
My Sister, Carol, was right when she warned me to forget walking the Mojave.,..just go ahead and drive across.

Of course, I cannot...will not do that. To think of the many days yet to go just to cross the Mojave...and all of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas still waiting to put me down...Oh me, Oh my!

Came across this farm of exotic Birds. This Emu was particularly friendly AND POSSESSIVE.

She walked right up to me (a foot away) as I chatted, telling her what a pretty girl she was. She Preened and preened...even held out a pulled feather for me to see. When a second Emu walked up, she grabbed it by the neck and escorted it clear across their rather large Pen...then she walked directly back to me for more adulation. Wonder why it works with the Emu and not with the Ladies ??

The Mojave "Desert is normally sandy, but without many rocks. This area has thousands of rocks strewn about...would be interesting to know why.

Please say HELLO to Jeff and his lady friend, Heidi.

Jeff did a "U" to see if I was in trouble with SPIA. We ended up talking for a while...and petting Heidi, whom Jeff rescued from a prior "Box" existence.

Jeff pointed out to me the Grease Wood plant...of which there are many milllions in every direction one looks (they make up most of the Green color in the Desert). According to Jeff, the Grease Wood Bush is the oldest living "organisim" to be found on earth...many of millions of years it has existed and still thrives.

Be worth a look at WICKAPEDIA or GOOGLE.

The Grease Wood Bush.

A close-up of the Grease Wood Bush fruit.

Yesterday, we introduced the "Wash". Here is another example.

Interesting colors in this photograph of the Mojave Desert.

Yes, Jeff confirmed that this is a Joshua Tree. We will soon arrive at the Joshua Tree National Park...un-numbered Joshua Trees in all directions....something new for me.

The Mojave Desert has many faces. Here is just one more.

Out of sight in the depths of the Mojave Desert, live a few hardy folks. Jeff is one of them...has a get-away cabin, but actually lives in LOS ANGELES.

A "side road" leading into the hills surrounding the Mojave Desert. Yes, the sand really is white.

Another look at Highway 24...a.k.a. Old Woman Springs Road.

Everyone has sung the song..."Tumblin Tumbleweed"...well, here is the real thing.

The town of LUCERNE VALLEY is supported by Mining. Those white blotches on the San Bernardino Mountains are mining operations just outside of town.



As I started my first walk of the day, the rising sun cast my long shadow.

DAILY UPDATE: It is 25 miles from LUCERNE VALLEY to JOHNSON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA. Except for one 4-mile ride, I double walked the entire way.

i.e., walked 46 miles today...count 25 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT: Credit 25 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.50 for the day.

We are parked for the night in the small "berg" of Johnson's Valley. I experienced a VERY difficult series of walks today. Do not expect to repeat today's effort in the future. Looking at the maps, we have such a very long way to go...all Desert..., so, I must develop a walking routine that will put miles behind us, but not put me 6 feet down.

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