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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I slept in this morning. Was 5:30 before I rolled out of my bed over SPIA's Driver's Cab. Actually, it is rather high up so I must be careful not to fall out of bed. Craig knocked on my door...breakfast is ready...OH, you already cooked Oatmeal??? So I took my Oatmeal into the kitchen and added some of Karen's sliced fruit and a Cuppa. Craig is finishing up installation of the filtration equipment (see prior Blog), so he excused himself by 6:00 am. Karen and I chatted for nearly another hour, played with her three dogs, and put SPIA back in "travelling" Mode. I pulled out at 7:30 Rounding the corner of Poso Street, where their Ranch House sits, I came upon the most perfect Yellow Rose. Across the street, two gardeners were trimming and cleaning away clippings from along side the City Street (Highway 43). As in most San Joaquin Valley towns, WASCO, CALIFORNIA, is spotless and wherever one looked, in perfect order.
The Yellow Rose had lots of company along Highway 43 leading South towards BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA.

One last look at the expansive horizon of the San Joaquin Valley, California...Lake Tulare Bottom.

Looking further down Highway 43, awaits new wonders.

One last look back upon WASCO, CALIFORNIA.

Boxes for processed Almonds. Much too soon ti fill as harvest is not until August...but never too early to get ready.

An SUV stopped across the Highway 43 from me as I walked South away from WASCO. A young woman got out, holding a baby and a paper sack.

Moments later, a big 18-wheeler pulled in behind the SUV. I missed a photo of the 18-wheeler Driver's kiss of the Baby and the passing of the Brown Paper Sack from the Lady.

I did manage a pic as the 18-wheeler roared into life and started to pull out around the SUV...Mama waving Baby's hand at the big rig.

The ritual of "Passing The Lunch".

Click click. Distant houses are temporary living quarters for "temporary" labor. As the growing and harvesting seasons roll on, there is a growing demand for more labor in the fields and at the processing factories.

That labor comes from Labor Centers such as this.

Please say HELLO to Ray. Ray gave me a ride into BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA so I could walk the 4 miles back to SPIA late in the afternoon. Ray also gave me $20.00 - just for the heck of it - and a fully solar powered flashlight.

Thank you ever so much, Ray. I was needing a lift and you sure gave it to me.

DAILY REPORT: Walked four legs today...only one ride - from Ray. All the rest were "doubled". Total miles walked: 32 miles. Count 18 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 18 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.36 for the day.

After reaching SPIA, it was after 4:00 pm. decided no more walking for today. Instead, will drive to the Base of the Tahachapi Mountain Pass I must climb to reach MOHAVE, CALIFORNIA. When I reached the small town of ARVIN, CALIFORNIA, I stopped at the Police Station to chat about the condition of the Pass.

The Duty Officer told me that in no uncertain terms should I even attempt to take SPIA up that road as it's condition is not suitable and the difficulty is beyond a motor home.

Back to the drawing board.

After studying my maps for another half hour and discussing options with two young men also at the Police Station, I decided on an alternate "secondary" road which somewhat paralleled Highway 58 - the "Freeway" climbing Tahachapi Mountain to MOHAVE, CALIFORNIA.

It means, however, that I cannot walk all 60 miles up that mountain. There are two or three places where is simply NO secondary road. I will have to drive SPIA on Highway 58 Freeway over those portions.

SO, have driven back to BAKERSFIELD, and taken a Motel 6 ($38.50) for one night. Early tomorrow morning, will walk back through BAKERSFIELD on Stockdale Road where I was let off by Ray this afternoon. Will walk back to SPIA, have a bite of lunch, and continue walking the Secondary road up Tahachapi Pass until I get tired, then walk back down to SPIA.

Will then drive Spia up Highway 58 to the town of TAHACHAPI, CALIFORNIA and park for the night. Early the next morning (Saturday), will walk back DOWN the mountain to my turn-around-point of tomorrow and climb back to SPIA...then drive SPIA to the town of MOHAVE, CALIFORNIA, and walk back DOWN the pass to the town of TAHACHAPI...and climb back up to SPIA at MOHAVE.

Will have to walk the entire Pass round trip - unless I can hitch a ride on the not-often-used secondary road.

Will take me all of three days to climb Tahachapi Pass.

Hope I am up to that task !

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