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Friday, April 22, 2011


I realize too many Sun Rises get boring...but, look closely at this one. That white streak from center right to upper left is a Jetliner leaving a sharp "contrail" in the morning sky.

A PARKER, ARIZONA Cactus. They grow big down here.

Walked at daybreak out of town, across the Colorado River, and into California and back to SPIA. We stayed in an Indian-Owned RV of the nicest we have visited. Packed up SPIA, said goodbye, and drove South on Highway 95 for 2 miles.

Walked back into town and return to SPIA...did not stop...kept walking South for another hour (5 miles) and returned to SPIA. In all, 23 miles for our morning walks.

Along the way, came upon this beautiful bush in full not know what it is, but sure looks nice.

Drove SPIA out 12 miles to the intersection of US 95 and Highway 72, where we parked.

Walked East on Highway 72, which is under construction to widen the roadway. This Excavator was taking down steep banks of sand alongside the road.

Walked for another 2 hours - 8 more miles.

After returning to SPIA, drove another 4 miles to the town of BOUSE, ARIZONA. I had never heard of this town, but it will be with me hereafter.

BOUSE is the Headquarters for the World War II Tank Training Program, which included Iron Mountain and another 12 camps spread through the desert...see yesterday's blog.

BOUSE, ARIZONA is where General George S. Patton commanded the training of the Tankers which over-ran Hitler's Panzers...including The Desert Fox, General Rommel.

On a near cloudless day, this sky appeared just as the Sun set. Nearly all of those "clouds" are "contrails" aka jet exhausts....a number of actual white smoke trails follow the path of the jets flying about 36,000 feet high...that is nearly 7 miles high.

If there ever is a Holocaust, the sky may well look something like the above photograph...with one major exception: the white exhaust lines will be rockets, not airplanes. Pray such a thing never occurs.

A stately Cactus...part of the Patton Tank Display in the town of BOUSE, ARIZONA.

The Local Watering Hole - Restaurant and Tavern in BOUSE.

After parking SPIA at the AMERICAN LEGION Post "# 46, I continued walking another 2 hours South on Hwy 72, taking time to visit interesting displays (Patton) and businesses before returning to SPIA for the night just as the Sun went behind the mountains.

Three folks in BOUSE told me to be VERY careful walking. There are five types of Rattle Snakes here-abouts. The are normally night creatures, but are active early in the morning and as the Sun goes down. So far, I have seen only the one while driving...hope it stays that way.

This is a PATTON Tank...not the same as fought in World War II. This is a more modern weapon which was used in Korea...where I saw many of them surrounding SEOUL the year before the Armistice was signed.

Historic Note: I was a stenographer at Panmunjom Peace Talks in 1953. When the documents were signed, all 17 copies were held in my safe overnight before being distributed the next day.

DAILY REPORT: Walked 38 miles today...count it all.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG.: credit 38 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.74 for the day.

Tomorrow morning, will walk South on Hwy 72...will take a few more days before reaching PHOENIX, ARIZONA.

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