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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Click Click...Windmills decorate the distant hills behind the railroad Coal Cars. Yesterday afternoon, I walked over those hills and down to MOJAVE, CALIFORNIA in a blustery wind.
A bit earlier, this view greeted me as I stepped out of SPIA...parked in the middle of MOJAVE 'Town in the RV Park.

MOJAVE, CALIFORNIA Streets...a continuation of the cleanliness and decor of the San Joaquin Valley.

Lots of room for business expansion in MOJAVE. Since the new I-58 Freeway was built a few years ago around the Space Port...downtown MOJAVE has become somewhat of a ghost town.

I used to drive this street before the Freeway was was packed with trucks and ???

A view of the Space Port from Highway 58 (not the freeway, but the old Highway).

I walked from the RV Park across town twice...then out Old Highway 58 to the intersection with the new I-58 Freeway, about 3 miles away.

Was shocked to discover a sign "PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED". There are NO alternate roads to walk, so I walked back into town to find a California Highway Patrol Office...found was closed for the weekend...and not a CHP Cruiser in sight for over two hours.

So, I gassed up SPIA and filled her new 7-gallon Propane Tank (used 3.7 gallons in 2 weeks), and received the telephone number for the California Highway Patrol....conversation went something like this:

Hello...I'm Bruce Maynard, walking across the United States (added a couple details) and am surprised to discover a PEDESTRIANS PROHIBITED sign at the Business 58 and I-58 intersection...

Right...NO walking allowed on the Freeway. If you try to walk the Freeway, you will be Arrested, with additional punishment.

I simply wish to discuss the new AAA maps show this section to be a "normal" roadway...not Freeway.

Well, AAA is Wrong. Try to walk that Freeway and you will be Arrested. You want to violate the law you WILL pay the consequences.

(Phone call continued on like this for another 5 minutes)

OK...thank you...I certainly will not violate the law...just want. . .

You better not break the will be immediately Arrested and .....

Thank you, Sir, for being no help...Good bye.

Angry? Yes, but mostly astonished at the tone and severity of this Sergeant's voice.

I drove SPIA out onto the Freeway, deciding to drive over the PEDESTRIAN PROHIBITED section...and B E H O L D...what did I find???

Not 1,000 feet beyond the first sign on the entry ramp onto the Freeway was a second sign (not visible from the ramp)...FREEWAY ENDS.

Now why, I wonder didn't that Sergeant just share that bit of information instead of being so officious and dogmatic about my being Arrested and Punished if I set foot on his precious Freeway.

Drove SPIA to a wide spot and parked. Got on my walking Duds, and W A L K E D the Freeway which was NOT a Freeway. AAA map was accurate and correct.

Must wonder at the attitude of the CHP spokespersons.

A TRUE Freeway Section again appeared...just as shown on AAA Map. I drove SPIA over that 5 mile section to the BORON, CALIFORNIA exit. Drove into town, parked, and started walking back West on the Old 58 (Now Business 58) towards MOJAVE.

Walked for 2 hours by the time I returned to SPIA. Was very hot, but I felt good, so continued walking East past SPIA for another hour. Returning to SPIA, hooked up SAM's Solar Panels to recharge the Green and Red Battery Packs...the Sun was intense, not a cloud to be seen.

In MOJAVE I purchased 4 silver window coverings which I installed on all SPIA's large windows. She was warm inside, buy quite comfy when I opened her up after walking.

Have decided to stay in BORON this evening and continue walking East on Business 58 in the morning.

I wrote more about our CHP Sergeant, but decided - in the interest of self preservation - to delete those words before posting.

On Business 58, this road disappeared into the Southern Mountains. It is RESTRICTED - No Public Access. It borders the North East Corner of Edwards Air Force Base.

Business 58 as it passes BORON, CALIFORNIA. Those distant hills are the Tehachapi Mountains which I walked yesterday.

Everyone has heard - and probably used - BORAX, a gritty hand cleaner used by mechanics and other folks who get really greasy hands.

The white hillside in the distance is the BORAX Open Pit Mine where all that Borax comes from. One road to the left on the photograph is called "Twenty Mule Team Road", the Trade Mark for Borax.

The Borax Open Pit Mine is the only reason for the town of BORON, California to exist.

BORON, CALIFORNIA Welcome Sign on Business 58.

SPIA is parked across the street in a PIZZA Restaurant parking lot.

We are going to see a lot of this plant...SAGE the next few weeks.

After a rain, the Desert often blooms. Two days ago it rained and snowed. Today, these beautiful yellow Daisy-Like flowers came to life along Business 58.

Business 58 looking West back at the Tehachapi Mountains. This afternoon, I walked (doubled) all the way to the end (as shown in the photograph), and back to SPIA, before continuing East for another few miles.

It was VERY hot today. I must take Sun Screen with me. I used it, but it dissipated after a couple hours under the Sun.

I wear long sleeve shirts, a hat with flaps covering my face, ears and neck, and white gloves to protect my hands. Gonna look like an Albino if I keep that up.

DAILY REPORT: Walked 30 miles...count 16 miles

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 16 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.32 for the day.

Tomorrow, will continue East on Business 58. Upon reaching 4-Corners, will take Highway 395 South towards VICTORSVILLE, CALIFORNIA

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