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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Accidentally deleted this photograph from please meet the Oregon Pipe has beautiful RED flowers. There are thousands of these plants along US 60.

Did not sleep well last night...must try a different arrangement. Was up at 4:30 am and away from the American Legion at 6:00 am. Drive to the South end of BOUSE, where I parked SPIA and started the first walk of the day...ending up being 8 miles South of Highway 72.

Kept a sharp eye out for snakes...did see a number of baby Bull Snakes already run over.

No rattle snakes...thank goodness.

Walking South on Hwy 72, the desert to the West is littered with mobile homes.

In all of California, I saw only one or two RV Parks. Asked a California Highway Patrol one stays in land in California...they all go to the Pacific Ocean...Oh

Contrarily, this tiny spec of a town, BOUSE, has no less than seven RV Parks...and each park has a number of RVs looking as though they have been there for quite a while.

Passing through every ARIZONA town, there is at least one RV Park...most have many.

I post this photograph because of the numerous white patches in the sand. The entire countryside seems to have these white splotches. They look as though it is LYE (alkaline). A couple days ago, I passed a large alkaline lake - too far away to photograph -.

Please say HELLO to Robert. Near the end of my walking day, Robert stopped to give me a ride...thank you, cut my walking mileage down from 30 miles to 28 miles...and gave me an added 1/2 ;hour to enjoy my restful evening.

This is a SWAP MEET located at the intersection of Highway 72 and VICKSBURG I-10 Cutoff.

It was CLOSED. Apparently the Winter Season for "Snow Birds" is over. Most businesses have closed up for the Summer months...the many RV Parks also have a few residences, but 95 % of the RV Park is empty.

For the uninitiated, a "Snow Bird" is a Northerner...someone who lives up in the COLD part of the USA, who travels South for the Winter...when Spring returns, the "Snow Birds" go back home.

Highway 72 near its end at the intersection with US 60, which goes East-West across much of the USA.

At the intersection of Highway 72 and US 60 is the small town of HOPE, CALIFORNIA. It has a Gas Station - closed for 2 years - ; a Cafe - also closed for two years; a non-denominaltional Churh. and a nearly empty RV Park.

Snow Birds have gone North...businesses close.

This is US 60...a very modern highway. This afternoon, I completed my third 10-mile walk of the day by climbing up beyond the distant mountains.

On the other side is the small town of SALOME, CALIFORNIA, where we will stay the night.

A field of Cactus

The famous Saguaro Cactus

A small cactus with long needles. Do not know the name of this plant.

This is the Barrell Cactus. Many of these plants grow along US 60.

Panorama of Arizona looking South from US 60.

Panorama from US 60, looking West towards California - way beyond those distant mountains.

Please say HELLO to Joanie of the Buckarroo Restaurant. Joanie helped me with Cactus Names and took my $$ for Salad Bar, Soup, and a Beer.

Thank you Joanie...still don't believe that guy pushed over those rail cars.

DAILY REPORT: Walked 28 miles.

SEE YOUR IMPACT.ORG: Credit 28 miles @ $0.02 per mile = $0.56 for the day.

In the morning, will walk back to the town of SALOME, CALIFORNIA, then South on Salome Road to I-10, some 30 miles away. Am told if there are snakes about, this is where I will confront them...Oh, Wooo is Me. I do NOT like Serpents.

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