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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Please say HELLO to Deputy Sheriff Sam Weimer. (This is a special post for Suzanne, gang !). & by the way, please e-mail me your address for Post Cards...I lost it again. Sheriff Weimer was the second (2nd) Policeman to stop me while I was walking on Highway 43 approaching the town of CORCORAN, CALIFORNIA. Not two minutes before, a California Highway Patrolman stopped me - I had met and talked to him earlier this morning while changing into dry clothes after my first morning walk -. Then, would anyone believe that not five minutes later a third Police vehicle - this one an unmarked car - with two uniformed officers, also stopped me. Seems CORCORAN is the site of the California State Prison. Inmates wear vests just like mine. 911 calls flooded in that I was walking the, just like in Colorado last summer, down came the Police in response. Thanked them all ... with SAM & ME Business Cards... perhaps we have gained another 4 followers. Oh...I was offered a place next to the police station to park for the night...I wonder if they just wanted me under their thumb to stop the 911 calls. This post will continue shortly, as DAY 79-A.

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kelly said...

Corcoran State Prison is home of Charles Manson, they probably wanted to make sure Charlie did not escape.
Hope you enjoyed your day in Laton.
(Kelly from Riverdale)