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Sunday, May 4, 2014

POST 1310; MAY 04, 2014; EL DORADO, KANSAS

91 F., Wind out of the South East at about 30 miles per hour under a cloudless blue umbrella sky.

Did a 2 hour walk on US 54 (freeway) West of WICHITA.  Took my old camera as the new one has clouded over the viewing screen and I can no longer see the scene to be photographed.  THE old camera has a water-clouded lens and the 'go' button on the back no longer works, which "locks" the camera in it's current settings.  The new camera, except for the blacked out view screen, works just fine.

So, tried to take pics with the old camera and by swapping the image cards, use the new camera to interface with the computer.

To a point, works functionally.  Quality of the old camera pics is somewhat degraded.

Will contact B and H Camera in New York City, where I have an account.  Perhaps one or the other of my cameras can be repaired.  Have a third one (same camera) in storage, but did not bring it.

In the meanwhile, must make do.  A new PANASONIC DMCZS is not in our near future.

After walking, drove into the city of WICHITA where I purchased a new battery ($42.00) for the replacement cell phone.  Not certain why I have a phone at all.  I make perhaps one call a week.  It NEVER rings ! 

Shifting fuom US 54 West of WICHITA, have driven thru town, procured the phone battery, and drove KANSAS 254 to regain US 54 in the town of EL DORADO East of WICHITA.  WICHITA is covered with freeways, making it difficult to follow US 54 on foot.

Will put in another couple hours walking further East on US 54.  Will then over night in WALMART just a few steps from BURGER KING, where this update is being created.

Not certain why, but am somewhat complacent about walking the past couple days.

Must have a talk with myself.

Could sure use a hug.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am still following you
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