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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Succeeded in putting the computer away before the storm came down on us last evening.

Am somewhat sad my previous camera has been broken.  The new camera is fine, but has no stabilization and only 50% of the telephoto capability.  Lost a number of pics today as out of focus or camera movement.

Must take more care to become "one" with the new camera if I cannot get the other one repaired.  The view screen has been holed by dropping the screen face down on a sharp rock.  Screen is now about 85% blanked out from the damage.

Probably one of my better cow pics.  Glad there was a stout barbed wire fence between ME and HIM.

Stopped in to ask permission to park while walking.  Ended "Yes", but spent 1/2 hour chatting  first.

As we near the MISSISSIPPI RIVER, hills become more numerous and considerably more pronounced (i.e., Steeper)

OH, for my 20 X Telephoto. 

This little fellow followed me, hopping from fence post to fence post to keep up.

Do like the images with sudden depth.   The roadway WAS quite steep.

As I approached this herd of Black ANGUS, they "High Tailed" it away from me.

I stopped and watched as I yelled to them:..."Hey Guys, I'm a friend...come on back ...I want to chat with you."

Know what?  They ALL stopped, turned to look as I kept talking; then, as one, they walked back to me, nearly hugging the wire fence as I kept on talking. 

I continued walking, but stopped talking.  They stood together as I walked out of sight.

A half hour or so later, I returned on my way back to fetch SPIA-2.   My new friends were grazing out in the field.   "Hey, Guys, I'M back, I yelled.  Again as one, they turned, this time again High Tailing it back to me.

We conversed as together we followed the fence chatting...they with snort , grunt, amd half-hearted Mmmoooo.  Horses would have whinnied and-flapped air between their lips...

One thing IS certain:  communication IS happening !

THIS ENGRAVED disc is a COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY MARKER.  I have seen dozens of these markers in all corners of the lower 48 states.  It is my understanding that one such marker is located at one mile intervals across the entire US of America.

Some years ago, CRI and I created a TREASURE HUNT on SKULL ISLAND in the San JUAN Islands between the USA and CANADA.  We photographed 20 landmarks, including two SURVEY MARKERS (like the one above).   We also carefully plotted compass headings between all adjacent landmarks to  establish relativity between them...these headings were printed on the appropriate photographs.

Our Yacht Club Members, some 50 strong, formed teams of 5, were given a unique TREASURE MAP containing photographs only of the landmarks their team would follow. (each map was different in that only 10 locations per Map were given as "checkpoints", leading to the TREASURE in a real Chest full of real treasure.

Using a Compass, following their unique trek of printed Compass locations, their codified MAP gave a NEW Compass Heading to the next Checkpoint.

Exciting as all get-out, three parties tracked to within ONE checkpoint of the Treasure when the winning group found it.

Some teams were stuck on the first or second checkpoint.  Many checkpoints were not visible from the previous one.  Teamwork was required to go around intervening obstructions.

The most fun, however, was that my wife Christine and I spent many weekends on our Yacht TICINO traveling the 50 miles from BELLINGHAM, Washington to SKULL Island.   (Yes, a story for another time).

 * * * * * * * * * *

The tiny town of COLLINS has proved to be special...special to my reception///special for the feeling of being home.  Will sleep tonight in SPIA-2 in safety and comfort at SMITH'S SHORTSTOP RESTAURANT.

Tomorrow, back onto US 54 thru the thickening forests and growing MISSISSIPPI VALLEY Hills.\

The river is about 150 miles distant.   Then comes ILLINOIS.

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Rodney Hess said...


That was one BIG longhorn steer. Overall, I think they are pretty gentle animals.

It did not surprise me that those yearling Black Angus decided to come back to say, "Hello". Animals can be very friendly, when you talk to them. They are a lot like people.

Now, overall, don't you like the nice green, rolling country side better than that deserted, barren, flatland of New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of Oklahoma? In some of those areas, even a jackrabbit has to carry his lunch.

Have a great journey...........