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Thursday, May 29, 2014


What a treat to enjoy my own private sumptuous room...peaceful...until the afternoon was shattered by a slow moving thunder rain deluge flooding the streets, parking lots and turning day into night.  Was too late to join TWO GIRLS and a CUPCAKE.

So strange sleeping in a bed.  I actually missed my three DUVET - COMFORTERS -, but so nice to indulge a steaming hot shower.

Thank you again to The WILLOWS.

Please say HELLO to TIM and JILL.Together with offspring TAYLOR, MASON, and COLTON, offer up the World's BEST CUPCAKES.

Please say HELLO to the 2nd GIRL...Daughter TAYLOR.  TIM got so excited taking this picture, he forgot to focus the camera...focus by depressing the SHUTTER half way to see the focusing rectangles before depressing the SHUTTER all the way down.

Please say HELLO to Son, MASON, with whom I had a bit more time chatting yesterday.

Yes, of course...I did receive my CUPCAKE...Chocolate with CARAMEL and WHITE Frosting covered.  Had to eat it with a fork, it was so tender and flaky.  Definitely the BEST CUPCAKE I've eaten in this World.

This is the tiny village of UTICA, and a river does run through it, too.

Down Town is one block long, but filled with fashionable shops, eateries, and even DUFFY's TAVERN.

Have heard about DUFFY'S TAVERN my entire life.  Now I can visualize it the rest of my life.

A bit more than the trickle before yesterday's storm brought some local flooding.

Roadway up the hill from UTICA to I-80 and shopping offered by unique fun shops.

The Corn Patch got flooded.

Please say HELLO to KEN KREISER, Gentleman Farmer at 84, digging a drainage ditch to save his corn from drowning.

HONEST HARD WORK earns plaudits and compliments by remaining a Handsome Devil long after contemporaries have dropped out of the race.

STARVED ROCK INN, Gift Shop, Wine Tasting, Ice Cream Eatery ... and ever so much more.

Please say HELLO to BEV, Manager of STARVED ROCK INN, who allowed me to poke into the many rooms and cubbys tastefully displaying - literally - from soup to nuts, fine clothing, art, collectables, and fine wines.  BEV said I missed a special evening of merriment yesterday. 

Take the UTICA Exit from 1,000 feet south to US 6 intersection.

One of BEV's Party Rooms.

...even a Japanese Fish Pond.

A RECUMBENT Bicycle recently arrived from Central Florida...

... with ...Please say HELLO to LIZ THUNDERBIRD and her traveling companion.

From FLORAL CITY, Florida, LIZ promotes bikes from www.Hampton' located on Orange Avenue on the COCHEE TRAIL, a favorite route fo Bikers heading into the Florida Keys.

Will try to stop on my way back from Key West around New Years 2015.

Intriguing to fantasize crossing continents on a RECUMBENT Bike !

* * * * * * * * * *

Did not cover many miles the last two days, but met lots of new friends and ferreted out places and events a bit off the beaten track.  Should do more of that.

Again at OTTAWA PIZZA HUT to create this update.  Arranged to overnight at PIZZA HUT or at the local WALMART, both on Illinois Highway 23, which we will walk in the morning toward DeKALB,only 40  miles distant .

Hope Sister CAROL is ready for Big Brother once again.  This will be my 4th crossing of the USA Continent to say "HI".  Just might come back this way on my return from KEY WEST next Spring just to make it an even five Walk-A-Continent 'HI's'".  Could be a record of sorts.

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