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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Without a sleeping pill, enjoyed a restful night in WALMART parking lot.  OLD US54 (really old US 54) begins in downtown FORT SCOTT.  Drove the 2 miles from WALMART to NATIONAL AVENUE, stopped in for a bowl of Porridge (hot Oatmeal), and leaving SPIA-2 parked at the site of the historic Fort Scott fortifications, set off toward BRONSON.  5.5 hours later, dragged myself back to FORT SCOTT, spending one more hour roaming the Old Town.

Is now 5:00 pm.  Will post this update by 5:30.  The next town, NEVADA, MISSOURI is 20 miles distant.  Will drive to NEVADA for the night.  In trhe morning, will walk BACK on US 54 toward FORT SCOTT. 
Could just as well stay over night again in FORT SCOTT, but the wind direction will PUSH me back "home" to SPIA if I start from NEVADA.  So, NEVADA it is for tonight.

Looking down NATIONAL AVENUE at really OLD US54.  Walked 30 minutes on OLD  US 54, which turned into NEW US 54.  Walked another half hour on NEW US 54 until coming across a small gravel road leading cross country back to really OLD US 54.  I missed the first turn off as I left town, but the gravel road set things straight.

Historic BOOT HILL is not far from here.

The gravel cut-off taking me back to really OLD US 54.

The gravel cut-0ff had a rather large creek which becomes a true "ford" in a heavy downpour.  Today, I managed to cross the stream without getting wet.

Really OLD US 54 has communities of "Gentlemen Farmer" residences...many with streams and small private lakes.

New US 54 parallels the Old Road about a mile away.

Two dogs became vocal upon my return to town.  My talking to them kept the tails wagging, although the White one made a couple runs at me.  I turned into him, pointed a finger at him, and in a conversational tone asked him to stop, turn around and go home.  He did, but got in a couple last words:   GGRRrr and WOOF.

Nearing town, came across a cattle auction.  Not interested to see more cattle nearing the end of their lives, settled to chat with a couple local farmers bringing critters to sell.

Please say HELLO to ROGER.  We got so engrossed in chatting, the line in front of him had disappeared.  BEEP BEEP from those in line behind sent him on his way before I got his name. (I think it is ROGER...I know, no one is interested in what I think)

I know this fellow !

Please say HELLO yo ROBERT.  ROBERT is offering One old GIANT BULL and two old Cows which..."should have been sold off long ago."

The Bull, says ROBERT will bring $1.00 per pound.  Weighing in over 2,000 pounds will bring in a pretty penny. 

The old cows will fetch $800.00 each.

Returning to Old Town of Fort Scott, some interesting architecture to share is trumped in elegance by a couple Bed and Breakfast Mansions.

Note the traditional SAN FRANCISCO window casements.

This pile of cannon balls sits on a speceial Cast IRON platform called a "MONKEY".

Anyone know the hundreds of years old Sailor Chant...having to do with what happens to the cannon balls when it gets intensely COLD on those old sailing ships..i.e., "It got so cold (etc. etc.")

Click Click to enlarge.  Is interesting - to some .

Old 54 comes through Old Town on National Avenue;

Were I to walk from Fort Scott, it would be down the above roadway heading East into the State of MISSOURI, a mere 2.5 hour walk.  Instead, I will come at the next walk from the town of NEVADA, MISSOURI and will miss those sights and sounds at this end...the cost of walking without a support group.

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Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as a "Monkey" for cannon balls. The "So cold.. it'd freeze the balls off.. etc" is not true.
In fact, sailors never called them cannon balls. they were SHOT. They were kept on a wooden rack called a GARLAND.
I've researched and written the Debunking of that old myth. Also the US Navy has a WEB site to tell that it's a myth.
or SNOPES ..
Help dispel this old tired myth.