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Friday, May 23, 2014


After our successful chase across Illinois for elusive computer cord, we ended up at the town of PERRY, Illinois, where we spent the night and from which I was walking Illinois 107 North toward the town of Mt. STERLING, some 14 miles distant .

Planting of corn has been complete in this region and even with meager rain, it is growing quickly.

Most farms are sited on low hill tops, having fabulous views across deep green grasses and trees.

Once elegant homes sometimes fall on hard times.

Someone is taking special care of this tiny graveyard.

Please say HELLO to WAYNE MOUNTAIN.  Carrying a locally well known family name, Wayne lives on the edge of town, from which he flies his home-built airplane.

An old gas station is receiving a new lease on life.

Fellow working the cement mix with the 2 x 4 is wearing no gloves.  I once did the same building Brother Jim's home.  The Lime in the mix ate holes in my hands...not a good thing.

Homes of PERRY...small, but in exceptional good taste.

Please say HELLO to RUSTY and RICK who are setting up for MEMORIAL DAY festivities...only three days away.

Having walked to Mt STERLING (Half way and back to PERRY), drove to Mt STERLING, parked, and walked Illinois 24 toward the town of RUSHVILLE, some 15 miles distant.  Interesting discoveries on the way and during the in-town walk afterward.

Don't get to see the above scene much anymore.  Washing hanging out under the sun with a fresh breeze making the wash dance on the clothes line.

These trucks are part of the national corporation which claims to be the largest Distribution of Food in the United States...began by a local unemployed resident in his 30s who started his "delivery" business in 1968, delivering sauces, syrups, etc in his car.  Named for his wife, DOROTHY, I purchased a gallon of fresh squeezed Orange Juice for $1.00 in the Corporate "overflow Store" in downtown Mt. STERLING.  There are DOT rigs traveling all parts of the USA...and distribute to foreign companies.  Asking for a brochure of the company, was told to check on line.

We are looking at genetically treated SOY BEANS in the process of being planted.

At left is a "transport hopper" bringing the seed into the field.  The hopper has a mobile suction pipe through which seeds are fed into the 90 or so hoppers on the Planter.  Yes, about 30 rows are planted at the same time.

Center is the planter, opening up the soil by creating a groove with disks, dropping in the seed, and closing the planted seed groove with the soil.

On the right is a very large and powerful tractor which pulls the planter through the field.  In this case, seeds are planted on last years corn cuttings, skipping the plowing phase.

Please say HELLO to PAUL, who was so kind - and eager  to show and explain his work.

It is this kind of knowledge that I MUST learn to operate my MOVIE (Video) Camera.  So much is lost otherwise.

Even private folks have "Named" streets in Mt. STERLING.

Downtown, but not the major street.

This historic pic is of the main street...the Courthouse in center distant.

...which stands still, in excellent condition, and in full use.

Many of the old buildings have disappeared, however.

* * * * * * * * * *

Am in McDONALDs creating this update.  Internet connection (ATandT) keeps dropping out, so may not be able to post.  Will know in a moment !

Plan to drive to the town of RUSHVILLE, to where I walked (half way and back) this afternoon.  It is now into mid 80s F.  My feet are very sore.  Dearly need new shoes.  Current Skeechers have traction nobs on the bottom, creating pressure points on the bottoms of my feet.  New Friend, Darryl, has kindly DONATED $$ for new shoes.  Problem:  No stores out in this rural area to find new shoes.  Next week will pass through PEORIA, where the shoe drama should be resolved.

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