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Sunday, May 18, 2014


One of those routine days today.  Except for 5 miles to and from ELDON on BUSINESS US 54, today's walking was done on Freeways.  Not much of interest, but every corner has it's high points.

Do not know if walking FREEWAY is allowed in Missouri, but not taking chances...and coming upon NO police, opted to walk.  Completed two sessions of 12 miles each, taking us a bit past JEFFERSON CITY. 

Drove to the end of the FREEWAY to the city of FULTON, where once again, PIZZA HUT is hosting our blog creation.  WALMART is down the street - Business US 54 ...  where we plan to over night.

We crossed over the MISSOURI RIVER this afternoon.  MISSISSIPPI RIVER is only 80 miles distant, which puts us in the State of ILLINOIS by Friday this week.  The MISSOURI flows into the MISSISSIPPI RIVER at St Louis, only a few miles from here...the starting point for the LEWIS and CLARK trip of exploration to the Pacific Ocean

Because of the FREEWAY, have driven much more than I like.  Perhaps I can find an interesting DETOUR up ahead to walk, making up for it.  The WINSTON CHURCHILL MUSEUM is nearby...Perhaps an interesting side trip.

PUSHED very hard today, demanding a bit much from my right leg which is performing under duress of IBU...pain pills.  This evening, left leg knee is sore.  Favoring the injured right leg, the left knee has taken a greater load and is letting me know that it is not happy.

Now that we are past the FREEWAY portion, perhaps will back off a bit to give both legs a breather.  Will still walk, but not so demanding.

In ILLINOIS we have a steep but short climb up from the MISSISSIPPI RIVER.  The land then flattens out all the way to DeKALB.

Yesterday, walked into  - and back out of - ELDON from the West.  Over nighted in PIZZA HUT parking lot.  This morning walked out of ELDON to the EAST - and back again, continuing 5 more miles on US 54 four-lane Limited Access roadway.

Monument to our Military...guess that means ME, too.  Thank You.

Used Bricks piled up FOR SALE in a construction materials company yard.

Man, have I cleaned my share of used brick over the years.

Old School House.

ELDON AIRPORT Runway.  Looks terribly SHORT for landing airplanes.  Image is what is known as "FORE SHORTENED."  That runway is over one half mile long.

The concrete strip to the right is the "TAXI WAY", leading aircraft to and from the active RUNWAY.

Old US 54 has been retained as BUSINESS US 54, giving the town direct access to the new 4-lane Limited Access roadway.


FREEWAY sign pointing to off ramp to the city of ELDON.

Welcome to the village of BRAITO, to which we drove, parked, and walked another three hours before driving the FREEWAY to - thru - and beyond JEFFERSON CITY (State Capital) to the large city of FULTON, where we are once again at PIZZA HUT to create this blog update.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, will walk back to US 54 and beyond toward the city of MEXICO, Missouri, some 25 miles distant.

FULTON is also using Old US 54 as a BUSINESS access from the FREEWAY.

Incorporating the original US 54 allows "normal" traffic, assuring economic continuity for the town(s).

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