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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Still not sleeping well.  It is, perhaps a continuation of the breathing difficulty experienced a couple months ago.  Coming down off the mountains relieved much of the problem, but still have some tightness while sleeping and the first 45 minutes or so walking.

To get to the bottom it, would choose SINUS CONGESTION.  Walking, the lungs produce way too much flem.  That problem has been with me since 15 years old, which I attribute to being a "Down Winder."  Our US Government intentionally released Plutonium gasses into the atmosphere at the HANFORD, Washington Atom Bomb factory from 1945 thru 1954, to "TEST" effect on plant, animal, and human.  I was subjected to those gasses during that entire period...thereby called a "Down Winder."

Winds carried the gasses across Eastern Washington, Western Idaho, and who know where into the Rocky Mountains directed to Western Montana.

The Government acknowledges having done this, but refuses to accept any responsibility resulting from anomolies resulting.  Yes, my family members may well have been effected

In any event, I push on... 

Thank you again to PIZZA HUT for allowing SPIA and ME to over night in their parking lot...from where I walked some 5 hours back West on US 54 toward the town of  FARBER and well beyond.

Railroad rail handling system.  Perhaps an expansion of local tracks i under way.  The machine motor was running when I returned tp SPIA-2.

Many impressive ranch properties are on US 54.

Young CORN plants.

Volunteer Fire Department.

CLOSED Businesses.

VANDALIA tuns out to be an impressive and active city.


* * * * * * * * * *

Once again, PIZZA HUT has found me to create our blog update.  Also, my $$ is no good this evening.

Thank you ever so much.

we are, however, facing a VERIZON...carry over problem from last evening.

 VERIZON has shut off my signal.  With no signal, I cannot POST my update.  Yesterday it took nearly 7 hours waiting for the signal.  I believe the problem to be too many "devices" on line, over powering the available service.  This has happened dozens of times in all parts of heavy populated areas...timing in conjunction when school is out.

In the morning, will walk locally a couple hours.  Then, walk to the City of LOUISIANA, Missouri, located on the banks of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER, some 10 miles distant.

Then, we enter ILLINOIS.

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