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Thursday, May 15, 2014


Rained rather hard last night in HERMITAGE, Missouri.  Pleased I did not hear it as I slept soundly.  At daylight, drove the 6 miles to PRESTON, Missouri, parked, purchased a bowl of hot oat meal from DON's PRESTON CAFE, and walked back to HERMITAGE.

Accepted a glass of water from DEENA, and conversed with MARY for a while...then walked East on US 54 the 14 miles to MACKS CREEK.

Of course, when I write that I walked to this place or that, I actually walk only half way...then return to fetch SPIA (effectively walking the "miles").

Prefer walking with SAM because it is all forward miles back tracking to fetch SPIA-2.   Back tracking is psychologically a downer, knowing we are going the wrong way.  But as discussed over the years, walking alone without support of any kind has it's cost; i.e., walking the wrong way to fetch the automobile.

Waking alone with SAM is great because we go forward back tracking.

DON'S PRESTON RESTAURANT, used as support base for today's walks.  Thank you, DEENA, for being there for me and allowing SPIA-2 to stay tied to the Hitching Post.  Hope she lured in a bit more business...kinda like a Salt Lick when out hunting deer (is that legal???)

Please say HELLO to hostess and support team all morning.

Lots of pics along US 54 which I could moderate...but I find them pretty much self fulfilling.

Sure do miss my 20 x telephoto.  the new little guy (camera) is a bit short for the good long pics.

....such as taking a stabilized photo of this "Mule", taken from extreme long range.

MULE = Female HORSE + Male DONKEY.

Not nearly so impressive sans HORNS.

Walking this region of Missouri is very challenging because of the perpetual UP and DOWN steep hills.

It will continue to get more difficult as we head into the MISSISSIPPI RIVER Valley.  The river is 50 or so miles due East.  Our roadway, US 54, however takes us North and East, making the river 150 miles yet to walk.

Both ankles are quite sore from the hills.  Today, I twisted my right leg shin bone tendon while turning to see a loud truck noise bearing down on me from behind.  ALL such movements MUST be slow and deliberate.  I moved much too fast, stretching the tendon.  Yes, it is sore this evening, but hopefully I caught it in time to avoid serious injury.

Also, my "new" shoes, SKECHERS, purchased 100 miles WEST of Phoenix, Arizona are NOT walking shoes, but was all I could afford.  They served on the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains; but, these shear continuous Missouri hills are defeating them.  Both feet are sore, especially the heels.  Look forward to next SS $$ so I can purchase proper shoes.

This fence is extended with solid panels to the bottom of the stream.  Interesting, and not previously seem (by me).

Small village of PRESTON, Missouri.

Nice to look at; fun to drive upon; not so great to walk upon.

Now, there is a house with a personality.

Only 150 more miles on the likes of this.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once again, plugged in at PIZZA HUT.  WALMART is 1 mile East on US 54...all in the City of CAMDENTON, where we will hunker down tonight.

We are in LAKES OF THE OZARKS...also, in the OZARK Mountains.  My first time in these parts.

For the past many days we have headed due East.  Tomorrow we hang a left, our heading changing to approximately 30 Degrees East of North.

First, however, must back track 14 miles in the morning to recover the miles driven today to reach CAMDENTON.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could walk better
I will be going to church camp 2 weeks
in the middle of June
Dallas of wv