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Thursday, May 8, 2014

POST 1314; MAY 08, 2014

As darkness settled over the truck parking area of YATES CENTER, the biggest truck / Trailer(s) rig I have ever seen pulled up next to SPIA-2.

The above pic is of a single RIG...near 100 feet long!

This Rig has 25 tires ON EACH SIDE; i.e.,a 50 WHEELER, loaded with a crane which may be the largest in the world...certainly among the top two or three.

The crane comes with a 350 foot boom;i.e., it can reach out the length of a football field to place or retrieve a load.

It is on its way to oil fields near WICHITA, Kansas.

It is so large that it takes many truck loads to move it.

Please say HELLO to MICHAEL, driver of the monster truck, which weighs in at nearly 130,000 pounds EMPTY.

Please say HELLO with BAILEY, who shares waitress duty at PIZZA HUT with her Mom.

This fall, BAILEY starts College, pursuing a degree in FORENSIC SCIENCE.

BAILEY proof read yesterday's Blog update.  Good Luck, Bailey, and thank you.

At daylight, drove to the village of PIQUA, KANSAS, parked SPIA-2, and walked BACK toward YATES CENTER.

Found a gravel country road paralleling US 54, which I walked for 4 hours out and back to SPIA.

PIQUA has a large active CO OP, with many large SILOS.

...a rather impressive Church...

...and a Water Works...

Part, I believe, of the Water Works System of PIQUA.

I don't believe this is part of the water works.

Our Water Well on the 1930s STUMP RANCH did, however have the above pump.  Was many years before our home had running water.

Ranch Home with a ..."Slide Down My Cellar Door...and We'll Be Jolly Friends For Ever More!"

Roadside wild flowers.

ONE Black Angus begets...

a HERD...which followed me a half mile or so as I chatted with them.

I often stopped, walked close to the fence, still chatting, as they moved into a semi-circle around me.

Great fun to have such an audience.

Nature's Art is just about every where if one takes a moment to look.

This little guy stood absolutely still as I walked to within 10feet of him.

Dead Grass on a wire; so like a stage curtain about to open the play.

What the gravel road looked like.

Lots of small creeks, ponds and lakes in this part of Kansas, which remains an intense GREEN in all directions.

PIQUA, about mid way between YATES CENTER and the small city of IOLA was left behind as we drove the 12 miles to IOLA, parked SPIA-2, and walked another 3 hours; this time staying on US 54 .


...complete with a LOW HEAD Dam.  Would bet there was once a water wheel at this dam...probably to turn a Grinding Wheel to process grain into "flour"

US 54 West

This home is for sale BY OWNER.COM

 * * * * * * * * * *

Will over night at IOLA WALMART.  In the morning, will walk toward the State of MISSOURI, some 40 miles distant .

Have been having difficulty sleeping.  I know why, and will fix that; but for the moment, have become a bit lethargic and tired from lack of sleep.  Refuse to allow that to slow me down out on the road.

After hours of strenuous exercise, the last thing I want is to EAT.  Must force myself to eat a good meal every day.

PIZZA HUT, where I am once again creating today's blog update, serves up a good meaty Pasta Baked Dish.  At $6 something, cannot afford it often, but when I push the PUBLISH Button on my computer for today's update, will savor the Baked Pasta Dish...then drive to WALMART, snap in place my 100% window Sun-blocking Screens, take a sleeping pill (have avoided that so far this walk) and hopefully not awaken when the forecast thunder descends upon IOLA during tonight's storm.

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