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Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Gusty winds have returned to the green fields of Kansas.  Walked out of the town of YATES CENTER at daylight this morning, heading West on US 54.  It was calm.  It was quiet.  Not a breath from Mother Nature.

One Half Hour later, the fields of grass began to stir.  It is now 3:10 pm local.  Looking out the plate glass window of an empty PIZZA HUT, trees are whipping in the near Gale wind.

Nearing completion of yet another blog update, plan to don an extra shirt against the wind as I head out to enjoy clean Kansas air before the Sun leaves us once again.

It hurt just a little when I realized how similar are many special people popping in and back out again...fleeting...comforting...crying here and there...and as certain as the Sun is going away in a few short hours, so are many special people. 

I begin with quiet intimate moments last evening with Mrs. KANSAS, my new and hopefully long time friend, COLLEEN.

Some have a charisma to say HELLO with a disarming smile and a light touch.  Doctor COLLEEN is one of these.

Nine years of advance education has prepared her to meet, treat, and become friends for life to her many patients...of all ages,folks learning - perhaps learning once again - to slip back into the mainstream of society.

Honored as I have been these brief hours, we have found unbelievable common ground to mull around in my head walking long lonely miles on back roads of America.

...and COLLEEN is just the most recent of so many special "friends" met and left behind.

I have the pleasure to ask:  Please say HELLO to COLLEEN's. very special friend, who drove some hours from Kansas City...I say hello to this old man.

I offer no name, but some may recognize this "retired" NFL  "back" with more than a few accomplishments.

Historic is YATES CENTER.  More later on that.

For not so old folks, the stair hanging on the side of this stone building is a :Fire Escape."  When not in use, it is pulled up horizontal with the first floor doorway.  In event of need to get out of the building quickly, one need only step on the ladder tread and it lowers itself to sidewalk level as in the pic.

TOWN SQUARE.  Many 1800s - and older - towns are built around such a Town Square.

Much of the beauty of these town lie in the ornate facade of buildings surrounding the Town Square.

Monument dedicated to residents who went to war to keep us free...names are listed for those who did not return home. 

SPIA parked in a shady spot...yje spot where we will spend the night.

Today's Walk.

This is Ranching Country. 

Interesting aside:  Whereas US 54 has for hundreds of miles been chocked with countless 18 Wheelers,the last day or two has seen them DISAPPEAR.  Not a single long haul rig has passed me by for at least 50 miles.  Must ask around to find where they have gone.

Yes, these are my images. 

Say GOODBYE, as I have done.

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