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Sunday, May 11, 2014


Well, did it again.  Had every intention to drive to NEVADA, MISSOURI to stay overnight .

Got to talking with SUZY and thing I knew, it was dark outside

Don't like driving at night anymore, so went the short distance from PIZZA HUT to WALMART.


Please say HELLO to SUZY and JORDAN, both employees of PIZZA HUT, who have again been more than kind to this old $$ was no good once again.

JORDAN spent some time last evening reading my recent blogs.  She was so impressed with pics of MYRISSIA, she asked me to take some of her. 

Please say HELLO once again to JORDAN.

...and, of course, SUZY also asked for her pic too.

Please say HELLO once again to SUZY.

It was the busy evening meal time, so it was suggested they get back to work.

Actually, am beginning to get the hang of photography.  May look into that.


US 54 West looking back toward KANSAS from the city of NEVADA, MISSOURI.

This little guy is a small turtle who was about to cross the White Line with lots of traffic coming.

I convinced him to turn around.

Many small turtles have become have ARMADILLOs.  Passed three squished ARMADILLOs this morning.  

Looks like a roadway, but is actually a small river.

Again, the wind was howling as mid day approached.  Read on the internet that a number of Tornadoes touched down in MISSOURI.  I have not yet seen one - on this walk -, but hope to do so to gave something exciting to share on the blog.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The town of NEVADA does have a WALMART, where I will spend the night.

The wind this morning, crossed me up by cominh out oh the South East, directly opposite th that which I anticipated.

Am once again at PIZZA HUT for this Blog update.  Taking advantage of their PAN PIZZA,

Can eat only two slices, so will put the rest (6 slices) in ZIP LOCK Bags for storage in the ICE CHEST.

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