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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Kicking me out of VFW last evening, simply could not fall to sleep.  This, for the third night in a row.  Today, planned to try a mid day nap, but the day simply continued on and on...i.e., no nap.  Will take a sleeping pill tonight.

Please say HELLO to TARA, one of the young VFW lady employees who kept me company while creating the blog update.

Please say HELLO to LARRY, Reporter for the local LEWISTOWN Newspaper, with whom I gave an interview.

Please say HELLO to CASSIE.  CASSIE also works at the VFW and was in the process of training a new employee...

Please say HELLO TO CASSIE (again) and new employee, DESIRE.   Yes, DESIRE as she, I am assured, was very much DESIRED by her parents.

Blacksmith Shop

Downtown street

After spending time walking downtown, drove SPIA-2 North on Illinois 24 to the Junction of 23 and 78.  Parked.  Walked back to Lewistown...returned to SPIA-2...and kept walking on 24.

Came upon a small Country Church, Mt PLEASANT UNITED METHODIST CHURCH.

Decided to stop in, which led to a bevy of new friends and 3 hours of solace, including a small group for lunch back in LEWISTOWN.

As Services began, the Belfry resounded with a real bell ding donging at the end of a belfry rope.

Please say HELLO to Pastor Kathy...a delightful lady who delivered a good message in her soft undulating voice. 

Lunch was enjoyed by Pastor Kathy, Sheila, Sheryl, Jan, Shirley and Hubby Richard.

Thank you for receiving me, allowing me to tag along for lunch, driving me around the countryside, and the many donations, gratefully accepted.

After lunch, continued our walk on Illinois 24 to and beyond the village of Little America.

Returning to SPIA-2, decided to do the "SURE THING"; return to the VFW, using their WI-FI to complete this blog update.

Arriving back at the VFW, met...PENNI., ANGIE, & LISA

Please say HELLO to PENNI, with whom  we had a good discussion on the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.

Please say HELLO to LISA, who is knitting tons of neck scarves for sale for an upcoming benefit.

Please say HELLO to ANGIE, friend of PENNI.  ANGI is immersed in her third year of Nurse' training, confirming that I got my LYMPHATIC SYSTEM information correct.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sister CAROL has been receiving my mail recently, including technical documentation on our IMMUNE SYSTEM.  I will begin my program of awareness of the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM soon after reaching DeKALB, Illinois.

This evening, will drive to the town of MAPLETON, some 15 miles from PEORIA...Yeah!  New Shoes !

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Rodney Hess said...

Hi Bruce,

I just have to tease you a little today. You sure do seem to pick out all the good looking females every day. This country sure does have a lot of very nice people, both male and female, doesn't it?

Have a great journey. Hope you have a very nice visit with your sister. As always, terrific photos. You are like a walking history book. In yesterdays photos, it was nice to see how far along the corn crop is already. Around here, it is barely, if at all, peeking through the ground.