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Monday, May 12, 2014


One thing I learned about NAVADA, MISSOURI was that 3M has a manufacturing plant there.

Walked East on US 54 this morning toward the city of EL DORADO, Missouri.  The wind was strong from daylight, blowing out of the South.  Dark clouds blotted out the Sun, giving a threatening menace of possible storm conditions.

Seem to like photos with parallel converging lines.  Some might suggest such lines merge in the distance.  I know different, leaving just a little mystique to life...where do such lines go after they disappear from view/

For those wondering where the lines come from.  In MISSOURI it takes three big trucks with rotating orange lights, each crewed by a single worker.  One truck leads the way making certain. the roadway is clear of vehicles and trash.  Second Truck actually paints the roadway.  Center and one side line is painted in a single pass. Third truck is the ALL CLEAR for normal traffic.

Paint truck driver - driving the paint truck - guides on the truck by rolling a guide wheel next to the existing center dividing line.

Please say HELLO to CARISA HAYS and LALAN and son, NICK COLE.  Together over 12 years in the Printing business, these three produced 1,000 new SAM and ME Business Cards to hand out.  Has been nearly two years since I had Business Cards. 

Scenes in and around US 54, EL DORADO SPRINGS, MISSOURI

It is beginning to storm.  Must shut down the computer.  Will try to post first.

Tornado coming ??

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