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Monday, May 5, 2014

POST 1311; MAY 05, 2014; EL DORADO, KANSAS

Experienced a dream which kept me awake most of the night.  For years, I have been rewarded with dreams which I fantasized just before going to sleep - sure beats counting sheep -.
Last night I tossed and turned for some time mulling around my brain as to what should be done about the rapid deterioration of my two damaged cameras.  FACEBOOK has for some weeks urged me to opt to expand followers / likes, advising that this blog should be seen by thousands more folks.  FACEBOOK reports that our blog is in their top 5% (five percent) in quality world wide.

Broken cameras are not conducive to maintaining that accolade.

Awakening this morning, decided to take the bull by the horns to wrestle out viable options.

Stopped in at the CHOP HOUSE Restaurant for a bowl of Hot Oatmeal and to get input from a stranger.

Please say HELLO to LACY, my Server at the CHOP HOUSE.  I must reveal that I asked LACY the price of a cup of coffee, as most establishments attempt to make their daily profit on my cup of coffee.  When LACY said it is included with breakfast...yes, even if breakfast is only a bowl of hot oatmeal - buttered toast also included, and so are fresh blueberries, brown sugar, milk, AND a cup of fresh butter to enhance the flavor of hot oatmeal...I knew I was in good hands.  If nothing else, I was certain to receive the best Hot Oatmeal value in America.
LACY, after serving all that she promised, gave me the name of a local WICHITA "Device" Repair Shop.

 "We open at 11", said the silver tongued machine.  LACY brought the telephone book.  Telephoned two Yellow Page device repair companies:  PANASONIC has no repair for a torn view screen.

So, telephoned B and W of New York City, my 30 year never fail camera experts, only to be told "We do not service PANASONIC ... please call the factory Rep."  VERIZON Cell Phone Information put me through to PANASONIC:  Another Silver Tongue Machine said:  ..."  and send everything in the original packaging to our Texas address for evaluation..."...

Walked back to WALMART.  One PANASONIC camera on display.  Yes, the same model sans some bells and whistles and a 10X Telephoto in lieu of my old 20X telephoto.   No offense, but WALMART camera sales associates are not camera whizzes.  Purchased their $114.00 PANASONIC on condition it was compatible with my HP MINI Computer.  (So much for adequate $$ this month.)

Blank stares !

Crossed US 54 to the RADIO SHACK store.


These two young RADIO SHACK ladies assembled my new PANASONIC Camera, broke out a new high tech charger to fast charge the battery, and ran every conceivable interface test with my HP MINI.


Full compatibility !

..."...but you spent over one hour helping me"... so, I am gifted once again.
Thank you JEANNETTE;  Thank you KELLY.

By the way, LACY's breakfast cost was $2.14.

Advice and references, included.

CHOP HOUSE, EL DORADO, KANSAS may be worth the trip.

Hot Oatmeal was delicious

* * * * * * * * * *

Walk?  Walk was limited to between stores today. 

Tomorrow morning will head toward MISSOURI.

1 comment:

Rodney Hess said...

Isn't it nice to meet such great folks on your journey. Some folks will bend over backward to help folks. Others will not give you the time of day, and seem very bothered that someone asked them a question. I agree, the Walmart clerks in the electronic department know very little about what they sell.

We have a cracked screen on an I-phone, so I asked the young man last night, where I could get it fixed. There was just a blank stare from him. All he was there for, was to get a paycheck. It should be mandatory that the people in electronics at Walmart, should at least know something about what they sell. Most are very young, and hate to be bothered. They would sooner fiddle with texting their friends, than working.

In today's society, customer service does not exist.