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Saturday, May 17, 2014

POST 1323; MAY 17, 2014; ELDON, MISSOURI

Today once again congers up reminders as to the fragility of our existence.

1.  Setting up the computer in PIZZA HUT, leaned over the back of a booth to plug in the AC electrical cord and AGAIN bruised two ribs...just like two months ago.  Normally, no big problem, but it certainly limits deep breaths necessary to climb the Missouri hills.  Hopefully, there is only slight damage.

2.  Two days ago, stretched the ligament in front of the right leg shin bone.  Yesterday in CAMDENTON , hyperextended that same tendon plus the ligament in the back of the right knee.  This morning, considerable pain accompanied each step.  The knee cap was loose allowing the leg to twist...more pain.

Downed an IBUPROPHIN pain pill along with the daily heart medication...then took in a good Breakfast Buffet.

US 54 East of CAMDENTON is FREEWAY...Freeway with little or no berm for walking. .. all the way past OSAGE BEACH (Lake of the Ozarks).  Drove SPIA-2 to the first exit beyond the lake, parked, and walked on Highway 52 to the town of ELDON, Missouri.

Yes, the leg hurt.  I knew I had to keep it loose, so pushed the DISCOMFORT Button to OFF, and completed some 10 miles out and back to SPIA.  Seems to be the correct decision as it is now 4:05 pm local with NO pain.

Tomorrow will include considerable FREEWAY walking - to JEFFERSON CITY if all goes well.

We shall see.

Much of the next 100 miles - to MEXICO, Missouri - is FREEWAY or limited access.  As long as I sense no severe leg damage, I will continue to walk, albeit a bit slower.  Have an unopened bottle of IBU....

Above is US 54 Limited Access - NOT FREEWAY, but similar - looking back to Lake Of The Ozarks, some 10 miles distant.

Business US 54 and Missouri Highway 52 to ELDON, Missouri.

Scratch the surface of the surrounding hills exposes nearly continuous rock.  Interesting that much of the rock is not stratified, but more closely resembles loosely crumbling sandstone.  Wish I knew more about Geology.

CONTRAST of two adjoining cities:  CAMDENTON population 3,500; ELDON population 5,000.

Whereas CAMDENTON is a mostly modern city with extensive infrastructure and charismatic impression, ELDON retains the image and appointments of a city of 50 years ago.

Why?  Attribute it to proximity of Lake Of The Ozarks in the back yard of CAMDENTON, with modern US 54 transiting city center, whereas ELDON has no similar lake nearby and is bypassed by a FREEWAY US 54...fortunately connected with a "Business" access at both ends of town.  

Tiny white buildings comprise a motel with individual "homes".

Stopped in at VERIZON.  Met CODY and CHELLE, who helped me figure out more of the mystery of my Cell Phone.

Please say HELLO to CHELLY (Michelle), who, when I declined the BBQ Hot Dog she offered, asked if I would at least join her .... a SELFIE.   My Oh My, what a difference 60 years makes.

A Military Celebration of sorts was under way.Would have liked to  stay for a bit, but had to keep the leg flexing, so I stopped for a moment, helped a VFW Gentleman across the busy US 54 Business  highway...

KOREA, I said...GERMANY he replied as we went our individual ways.

* * * * * * * * * *

Looking back at a blog here and a few others depicting America in other places, I sometime wonder at the differences; some full of excitement and goings on;  others docile dreamy and offering time to absorb and reflect...

...not to forget...each is unique...each is America...

and, Each is somebody's HOME.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your long and eventful walk. I guess you could have used that paper towel pillow after all. I hope you have a safe trip!
-your Pizza Hut server, Jamee

Ken Everingham said...

My name is Kenny, and had the pleasure of spending some time speaking with Bruce while at the autozone in Camdenton. I am happy to see you doing better from some of the rough roadways we have and wish you all the best sir!